Row crops, vineyards, cannabis and fruit trees


Natures Defender
Concentrate (Must Dilute)

Gallon Cedar Oil Concentrate

Prices for 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes available upon request


Application Rate: GPA
1.28 oz. Concentrate to 1 gallon water
Depending on equipment
10 -15 GPA treats approx. 7 to 10 acres

In today’s agriculture, farmers are searching for solutions that have less of an impact on our land & water resources. Today’s educated society has discovered the importance of using alternative programs for managing crops and are demanding these changes!

There are several factors that play a role when speaking about conventional & organic farming; In conventional agriculture, cosmetic damage is managed through the use of pesticides, in order to supply consumers with apples of an aesthetic quality that they have become conditioned to expect.

In organic farming consumers, may have to be satisfied with apples that have some degree of blemishing associated with scab, a fungal-caused problem that does not affect the nutritional quality or safety of the apple, but has become associated with poor aesthetics.

Pests that significantly interfere with the productivity of crop plants can be controlled by Natural/Alternative methods & monitoring which is key to good crop management.

By utilizing a variety of techniques farmers can control a variety of pest species:

  • Healthy soil and strong plants are the first line of defense in controlling insects. The strategy "Natural Minerals" something our soil and plants are deficient of!
  • "Natures Defender" our Cedar oil concentrate, offers pest management for a variety of species. Our formulation is a pheromone disruption solution which also dehydrates the exoskeleton of a variety of insects, eggs, larvae and nymphs.
  • We encourage the use of natural predators and beneficial insects, like ladybugs.