Wild Stallion Elite

R-T-U Horse & Livestock Insect Protection.

32oz Wild Stallion Elite

32oz Wild Stallion Cedar Oil For Horses

Gallon Wild Stallion Elite

Gallon Wild Stallion Cedar Oil For Horses

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Wild Stallion Cedar- Elite

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WILD STALLION CEDAR-ELITE organic fly & insect treatment kills adult insects while dehydrating the eggs yet is non-toxic and safe enough it can be used on newborn colts, ponies and nursing mothers.

Wild Stallion application: Spray liberally on animals. Do not spray in eyes, nose or mouth. Apply in hand and gently rub in facial areas.
**Nursing mothers - Do not spray directly on udders/nipples

Skin issues: Can be used on skin, ear and hoof issues (Thrush). Treat areas 3 times per day until desired results.