Dr Ben's Evictor

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16oz Personal Spray

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32oz Evictor

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Dr. Ben’s Evictor R-T-U Pest Management Formula is designed for professional and consumer use to kill and repel bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites.

Evictor offers consumers an Eco-Friendly Interior pest solution. Our Cedarwood Oil is a natural insecticide solution that provides the lowest environmental impact while providing a broad-spectrum alternative with proven efficacy.

Our active ingredient "Cedar oil" is based on studies, history and over 20 years of proven global success. Our Cedar oil pest management solutions target and block the neurotransmitter receptor called octopamine. The unique mode-of-action not only kills the adults but also results in a total breakdown including dehydrating the eggs, nymphs and larvae.