Dr Ben's Paws & Claws

Natural Cedar Oil Flea & Tick Control

16oz Paws & Claws

Paws & Claws 16oz Spray

32oz Paws & Claws

Paws & Claws 32oz Spray

Gal Paws & Claws

Paws & Claws Gallon

Original formula: 10% cedar oil / 90% Silica, Hydrated

Paws & Claws is fast becoming the chemical-free product of choice for concerned consumers and pet professionals. Use on pets, pet beds and inside the home.

Dr. Ben’s Paw’s & Claws neutralizes or repels fleas, ticks and mites; those parasites that continually plague our dogs and cats.

DIRECTIONS – This solution is a ready to use formula for pets and other animals. Apply a mist so the insect breathes in the mist. This response triggers closure to the breathing pores. Use as a repellent as often as necessary by spraying a liberal amount starting at feet, legs, pits, groin, belly, neck, tail and rectum area. Spray a liberal amount in the palm of your hands and gently rub around the facial area. Repels for approx. 4 hours

10oz Pet Shampoo

10oz Pet Shampoo

Gallon Pet Shampoo

Gallon Pet Shampoo

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Kennel & Pet Concentrate

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